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Rasgulla recipe

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Delicious Dessert recipe for Rasgulla:

Rasgulla is a popular sweet dish comprised of cheese (paneer) balls flavoured in a sugar syrup with cardamom seeds.

If you are intimidated by the thought of making Rasgulla’s at home, breathe easy. They are quite easy and super quick to make. Give these a try.Rosgulla, a popular Bengali Sweet. Homemade Soft, Spongy balls of cottage cheese soaked in sugar syrup.Rasgula is one of the most wanted sweet in Pakistan and India. Khoya is used to make rasgula in your kitchen.

It is a very popular cheese based, syrupy sweet dish originally from Orissa,india. It is popular throughout India,Pakistan and South Asia.Here is an easy way to make



1/2 Litre milk
3 tbsp Citric acid or Lemon juice
2 tspAll Purpose Flour 1/4 tsp Rose essence or cardamom powder
1 Cup Water
1 CupSugar
1 Muslin cloth


1. Take a pan and heat milk in it bring it to a boil and add citric acid or 2-3 drops of lemon juice.
2. Stir slowly till the milk is fully curdled.
3. Keep as it is for 5 minutes.
4. Meanwhile heat the sugar and water in a wide sauce pan. Bring to a boil.
5. Now Strain the milk through a muslin cloth. Wash the chenna/paneer in the cloth under cold running water.
6. Press out the excess water and remove in a wide plate.
7.Add all Purpose Flour and gently knead into soft dough by passing between fingers.
8. Make twelve equal sized balls of the dough, the balls should not have any cracks in it.
9. Let them into the sugary boiling water. Cover with a perforated lid. Boil for around 15-20 minutes.
10. Take off from heat and cool them at room temperature.
11. Add rose essence or cardamom powder and turn the heat off.
12. Allow to cool and serve.

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