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Modern Options for Executive Office Furniture

Executive Office Furniture

There is a fulfilling sense of accomplishment once you have reached another level of the career ladder. You will be faced with new obstacles and challenges that will motivate you to aim higher and to reach for the pinnacle of success.
In starting a new chapter of your professional growth, one of the most important things you can have is a place where you can formulate your ideas and work efficiently every single day towards achieving productive career goals. A well-designed executive office that will cater to your professional needs and preferences can help you jump start any new career endeavor.
The interior of an executive office says a lot about the character and achievement of the high ranking man or woman occupying it. There has to be a certain degree of dignity taken into consideration when designing the area. It must have that straightforward edge and at the same time exude a comfortable and inviting atmosphere. Upon entering the room, employees should feel welcomed yet mildly intimidated, and the clients should be impressed by the marvelous scene presented in front of them. The occupant of the office should be the one to mainly benefit from the features of the office. He must be satisfied with the design and the ambiance so he can work productively on a day to day basis.
The main structural elements of the interior, namely the walls, ceiling, and floors should be treated with strict and thorough consideration so that the other elements can either provide substance to the interior or enhance what is already in existence. The executive office furniture pieces should be carefully selected to suit the theme of the office. If the look you are going for is traditional, then choose a desk made of solid wood with carvings and fancy hardware accessories.   If however, you prefer to have a modern executive office, then desks and cabinets with sleeker lines and lighter structures would be suitable.

  • Executive Desks

The desk is perhaps the most significant element for the office because it is what the guests will see first when they enter and it is the most useful
piece of furniture for the occupant of the office. It is where he will put his files, his phones, and his laptop, and where the main work will transpire. This will dictate what interior scheme will be adopted.
On one hand, a huge desk made from ½” smoked glass with no drawers spells an extravagantly modern corporate atmosphere. It will seem like its not even there and the things on top are floating thus creating an illusion of futuristic space, plus it minimizes the clutter in the office interior. On the other hand, if the occupant wants an old school office that conveys authority and respect then a heavily-carved solid wood desk with multiple drawers and exposed copper hardware can be an excellent choice. It all comes down to a matter of functionality and taste.
Swivel chairs
A smart-looking swivel chair that characterizes comfort and style with its adjustable height, reclining backrest and of course, its swiveling mechanism is a boss’ best friend. The classic Eames lounge chair is a perfect choice to impress your clients with. It has a strong masculine form with very comfortable upholstery. With its matching ottoman, one can achieve the professional yet relaxed aura desired for the office. Swivel chairs vary in forms and materials so the best way to go about it is to choose the one that is most comfortable to you and the most consistent to the interior scheme.

  • Loose chairs

Chairs facing the desk can accommodate visiting guests and clients. They can be the simpler versions of the swivel chair or they can have entirely different designs. Many modern chairs make use of fiberglass, acrylic and stainless steel legs. Some are upholstered and others have form-fitting designs that suit the occupant without the aid of cushions.
Console cabinets and shelves
You can purchase ready made office cabinets in any furniture and home improvement store. There are also a wide variety of these shelves found on-line. You can browse through them and select the ones that will best suit the interior of your office. They do not necessarily have to be office cabinets with regards to their appearance. Some residential console tables with drawers can be what you need for a specific interior theme that you have chosen.
French console cabinets with elaborate carvings and moldings can be an interesting piece in your contemporary executive office. A prized piece of antique furniture like that can add to the dignified and tasteful theme of the interior. Give your guests an element of awe by placing this in a wall with modernly sleek built-in shelves above. The eclectic vibe is sure to captivate their attention. If, however, you decide to take your consistently modern interiors to another level, why not choose a console cabinet that is made with a stainless steel frame and glossy, laminated black cabinet drawers. Next to a glass wall, it will create a fluid fusion of cool bluish hues and reflective surfaces.

Sofas and Lounge chairs
In a large executive office, a lounge area can also be allocated. This is where the guests and clients can wait while the executive is on his way or when they are starting with an informal chat before a meeting. The sofas take on classic contemporary designs that mimic Barcelona three-seater sofas with bold colored upholstery. Scandinavian armchairs that are form-fitting and functional can also be paired with a fully-upholstered leather sofa with stainless steel legs. A modernized wicker coffee table can be used to top off the contemporary eclectic look. The lounge area can be treated as the living room in your home would be, however they should not be too comfortable.  The guests should not wish to stay longer in this place than professionally necessary.  A professional atmosphere should still be maintained.

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