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kitchen interior design

kitchen interior design

When it comes to kitchen interior design, the Italian has always attracted the attention of repair and reconstruction of the world.Classic Kitchen Interior Designs,now most people are designing a kitchen with a new design and looks luxurious.The kitchen has become the hub of home life, and a design that reflects this reality is to be more functional and enjoyable..

Ideas for the Modern Kitchen

Kitchen design has been revolutionized in recent decades. It is no longer treated as just a place where you prepare scrumptious meals.
Today a modern kitchen is a breakfast parlor, a creative retreat for a passionate food lover and a place for entertaining friends during weekends or special occasions. The designs have also taken an innovative turn in accordance to the changing needs and requirements of the people who utilize the features of the kitchen. Most of them in contemporary homes have been refurbished and made over to suit the look of industrial kitchens with steel and wood as their primary materials. There are also eclectic and artistic home owners that experiment with modern and futuristic designs mixed with traditional furniture pieces and materials to create that distinct and personalized look.
It is quite expensive to have your kitchen redesigned by professionals to update its look and functionality. A modern kitchen is not just characterized by its outward appearance but also by the essential and innovative utilities it provides. If however, you see the need to redecorate, do keep the things that are still useful and add only the elements that will help improve the quality of the space. A contemporary table with storage cabinets can be an alternative for a costly installation of an island counter with genuine granite countertop and state-of-the-art cook top.
The efficient kitchen layout has not been drastically changed. The three areas of the kitchen namely the preparation, cooking and washing areas still follow the triangular pattern. Minor alterations have been made, such as adding a bar counter and a breakfast nook.
kitchen interior design
New Functions, New Kitchen Designs
The notion of the kitchen as a place for entertaining guests and loved ones has been widely accepted by urban dwellers all over the world. They see it as an answer to the call for reaffirming personal ties in an impersonal and outward-reaching age. Instead of eating out in fancy restaurants or consuming unhealthy fast foods, they prefer to prepare meals in the presence of friends or with the group effort of loved ones in the comfortable setting of their very own abode. This line of thinking gave birth to modern kitchen designs that showcase not only the mouth-watering delights in colorful platters but also the kitchen elements that were used to make these chef d’oeuvres. The traditional all-wood cabinet faces gave way to framed glass ones. Variations of textured and colored cabinets are just a few of the options offered by suppliers. You can use stickers as substitutes for them because stickers are cheaper and you can have them changed easily when you grow bored with the old look. Hanging cabinets with exposed interiors are also a great idea if you want to display cutleries and china. A kitchen today is treated as a gallery to flaunt art pieces like imported vases, antique clocks and decorative ornaments. Floating shelves can be the simple, layered ones, but there are new designs emerging that are geometric, edgy and sculptural. You can utilize a variety of materials and fuse them together. Indigenous materials found in nature offer a refreshing twist to common stained wood cabinet doors. Laminated bamboo, weaved wicker and cork are framed by light-colored solid wood to emphasize their interesting textures. Placing storage baskets made from these types of materials within the lower shelves are attractive compensations for the cold look of the metal appliances.

Bar counters are almost always requested by owners of condo units. They are space-savers in the sense that they serve as food preparation area and dining area but they can also obstruct the open layout of the space. In a loft of considerable size, a bar can define the kitchen as an area separate from the living room.  Its structure, which can include the ceiling, makes this function possible. Bars have multiple uses for the kitchen. They can be used as a base for cook tops or washing sinks. The surface can be used for preparing food and even for eating. However, the height should definitely not be of the same level, the bar portion should be higher than the part being used for the cook top and sink.Breakfast nooks make the kitchen a lively place in the morning, or at any time of the day when families and friends wish to hang-out and enjoy a good meal. It’s been a staple in the kitchen for decades but its look has been updated with contemporary built-in banquet seats and loose chairs. These furniture pieces do not have to match or follow one monotonous design. It is the trend today to mix different pieces together to create a modern eclectic look. Some breakfast nooks today use 3-seater sofas as banquet seats because they are more flexible than the built-in ones. An eye-catching droplight will be the last touch to set the comfortable yet animated vibe in the area.

Updating Economically
For kitchen makeovers that are workable and within the budget of most people, the direction to follow is to find alternative materials to use instead of their top-of-the-line counterparts. For example, natural granite for counter tops is exquisite, but pricey. There are artificial ones that replicate the real thing. Be resourceful with your choices. Granite tiles are less expensive than the thick slabs. Some durable ceramic tiles can also work to give your kitchen a rustic or homey touch. You could complete this look with metallic elements such as range hoods and cooking appliances with a silver sheen. Some professionally designed kitchen counters and
cabinets have top-of-the-line features that are remote-controlled such as awning-type and swing-type cab faces flipping upward and sideways, spice racks and dish racks automatically opening and closing, and refrigerators and dishwashers concealed with wood cab faces identical to the ones covering the counter cabinets. These kitchen features are custom-made. If you decide to splurge on these luxuries, do consider the functional features first before saying yes to any tempting technological enhancements that suppliers will entice you with.
Investing in quality kitchen equipment and appliances can be expensive but it can save you the hassle of changing or upgrading low-cost ones again and again because of their faultiness and poor quality. You should not fret about the prices of the kitchen appliances though because there will be incredibly high ones and extremely low ones. Choose somewhere in the middle. It’s most likely a compromise between quality and price. There are superior quality range hoods that have unreasonably high prices and second-hand ones that do not have warranty anymore. There are sensibly priced ones from respectable brands that can save you money on maintenance or repair costs.

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