ande ka halwa recipe in urdu

ande ka halwa

 ande ka halwa recipe in urdu

ande ka halwa
ande ka halwa
1) 6 eggs
2) ½ cup sugar
3) ½ liter fresh milk
4) ½ cup Mixed dried fruits
5) 3 to 4 green cardamoms
6) Saffron- few pinches
7) 3 to 4 table spoons Butter/Ghee
1-Take a bowl and break the eggs in it and beat them with whisk gently.
2-Add fresh milk and sugar in it and mix all the ingredients.
3-Beat them for at least 5 minutes so that they will be gave a better taste and look.
4-Now take a pan, add ghee/butter in it and melt it.
5-Add cardamoms and let them go golden.
If you want to add almonds and all other kishmish then put them in the oil and brown them so they give a shiny and beautiful look.
6-Now add blended eggs in it and fry them too on a low flame.
Do not leave it entirely mix it gently with a wooden spoon.
Do remember that for making sweets always use a wooden spoon.
7-Now all the ingredients will be fried serve them into a bowl.
8-Garnish them with saffron, mixed dried fruits and silver paper.
Tasty and yummy dish is ready, serve it your guests, family or loved one. And get good remarks from them which will enhance your enthusiasm to make more tasty and delightful dishes.
Apply this recipe at home and share your precious comments with us. If you have any query then do ask. We will be extremely pleased to help you.

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