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Ajwa chicken samosa

ajwa sweets is  one of the most reputable and famous producers of and Chicken Samosa in the Rahim yar Khan.They have gained all its fame and repute by the traditional and outstanding taste of its products. They are keeping a prominent distinction for its taste and quality from its day of foundation. Chicken-Samosa
ajwa chicken samosa is hot, spicy and crunchy.it  contain such ingredients that doesn’t harm your stomach like other samosa does.we use green chilli(sabz mirch), black pepper(kali mirch),mace( javitri), Cinnamon (دار چینی) Dar Chini, Cloves (Laung) , Coriander (Dhaniya) , Garlic(lehson), Ginger(adrak), Nutmeg(jaiphal), salt(namak). 

ajwa chicken samosa is served with green chatni made of parsley (fresh dhanya), mint(pudina),green chilli(hari mirch) and ajwa special yogurt and salt.which increase the taste of samosas.


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