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What Do You Do With Negative Thoughts?

Many people try to substitute “positive thinking” for the disturbing thoughts they want to eliminate. On the surface this tactic may lead to some signs of improvement.The mind can be forced into identifying only with pleasant or uplifting things. But in time the feared thoughts will surface again, and until then there is the exhausting effort of trying to maintain constant self-control.
Many people, in their well-intended efforts to accent the positive, do not escape their problems but only increase them. They want to put an end to suffering but mistakenly choose the tactic of denying their true feelings, on the grounds that the feelings are “too negative” to express.
Paying attention to one’s fear and pain is a great source of guilt in most people because it seems like self-pity, a trait we think of as wrong. But denying pity to yourself, when you would give it willingly to others, is also wrong. We all have hidden pain inside, and trying to suppress it is not a virtue. It’s only an impossibility.
You may consider it very important to maintain a good attitude, but in itself an attitude is not very reliable. After all, who’s keeping who’s spirits up? Everything inside you is just you, even though you might split it up into a brave you that is trying to suppress or defeat a fearful you.
Does opposing your negative thoughts lessen their power? Doesn’t it just delay the day when they will come out in one way or another? If we keep playing this game of opposing thoughts that are not acceptable to us, we will always lose. The serious question is, ‘Can I give the whole game up?’ Very few people consider that alternative.
Adapted from Unconditional Life: Discovering the Power to Fulfill Your Dreams, by Deepak Chopra (A Bantam Book, 1991).

Getting Rid of Negative Thoughts

Getting rid of negative thoughts is imperative when you are trying to do any of the following things…

  • Attract others, opposite sex or anyone for that matter
  • Advance in  your career
  • Have solid friendships
  • Make new friendships
  • Be creative
  • Be spontaneous
  • Be resourceful and creative

That is a short list and could be much, much longer.

Improve Your Attitude

Take a look at your general attitude – can you improve your attitude?.  Is it something that another person would want to mirror?  Is it contagious?  If it is – then that is great and you probably don’t need to worry about getting rid of negative thoughts as you most likely don’t have many!
Your attitude is your choice.  My father always used to tell me as a kid, that there is one thing you can control when you roll out of bed every morning – and that is your attitude.
Life is all about choices.  When get to the bottom of every single action and thing you do – it all boils down to choices that you make.  You choose how to respond and react to situations in life.  You choose to be in a good mood or a bad mood – and at the end of the day – how you live your life is your choice.  Let’s say that again…
How you live your life is your choice.
Knock out the negativity in your life, flip the script, and get on with living a better life!

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