Ways to Improve Memory


ways to improve memory

ways to improve memory
ways to improve memory  is a fact that not everyone is blessed with a good memory. Occasionally we may forget important things like telephone numbers or something we have read. While forgetting is perfectly normal for the brain, long term memory loss or forgetfulness should be considered seriously. Increasing stress in the urban lifestyle, unhealthy habits and sleep deprivation are some of the contributing factors for the poor retention and concentration power among majority of the population.
While people who suffer continuous memory problems must be diagnosed timely, people with no such problems should try and keep working on their memory. Just like our body muscles, our mind requires exercises. The contents of this article will discuss some ways to improve your memory power. Read more on memory improvement tips.
Eat Healthy
One of the simplest ways to improve memory is to follow a healthy diet, one that is beneficial for the brain. Try to include brain food like salmon, mackerel, flax seeds and linseed in your diet, as they are rich in fatty acids. Fatty acids are considered to be good for improving concentration and brain related functions. Foods rich in fiber, like beans, pulses, wholegrain cereals, vegetables and fruits help the brain to function effectively. Vitamin B12, folate and niacin are some of the essential requirements for the brain and they are found in ample amounts in meat, eggs and dairy products. Eggs, in particular contain choline, a nutrient that protects memory loss due to aging. The antioxidants found in fruits and vegetables, like beta carotene and vitamin C are useful for the cognition skills of the brain and also reduce the risk of cardiovascular diseases, that, in turn help in the proper transportation of blood to the brain.
Develop Healthy Sleeping Habits
Sleep deprivation in college students is believed to be a major cause of poor performance in college exams and activities. Our brain needs rest to function properly throughout the day. Partying late nights and a change in lifestyle has caused drastic changes in the sleeping habits of people. A minimum of 8 hours sleep per day is considered to be healthy for an adult. While we can’t exactly follow an 8 hours sleep routine, we must try to take short naps and refresh our brains. A properly planned sleep with a minimum amount of distractions is healthy for the memory. Read more on the lack of sleep side effects.
Stop Taking Toxic Drugs
Smoking and drinking have been linked to pulmonary and cardiovascular diseases. It is to be understood that improper functioning of such crucial organs of the body will directly affect the memory power and cause concentration problems. Lithium, digitalis, reserpine, Inderal (propranolol), Aldomet (methyldopa), and Tagamet (cimetidine), marijuana etc, are some of the drugs that are related to memory loss. Drugs and alcohol hamper the functioning of nervous system and deplete the memory cells. In the long run these drugs cause immense loss to the memory. Any such practice, like smoking, taking drugs etc. must be discouraged.
Exercise the Brain
Some of the best ways to improve memory power is to practice playing brain games. There are various brain games for adults that can help you flex the brain muscles. You may also love solving Sudoku puzzles and cross words in the newspapers. If newspaper is the thing you hardly touch, try some brain video games on your television. Now a days, there are various software games designed in such a way that will help you increase your analytical skills. Even reading good non-fiction books, science fiction and solving mathematics problem help you to improve the brain power. For children, it is essential to give them games and puzzles that triggers their brain to think and apply logic. Brain games for children are effective ways to improve memory in children.
Besides the above mentioned ways to improve memory, you must also exercise on a regular basis and throw the stress and worry out of your mind. Yoga and meditation are other options for improving your brain power. Leading a good stress free lifestyle and following the above tips can go a long way in the quest to improve your memory.

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