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Rasmalai recipe


RASMALAI RECIPE  – The traditional and authentic recipe of rasmalai. You would never have tasted rasmalai so delicious like these be….
rasmalai recipe
Milk                            2 liter
Tatric acid              1/2 tsp
Soap nut (retha)(water) 3/4 cup
Screwpine(kewra)  1 tsp
Sugar                           4 cup
For cooking syrup:
water                          1/2 glass
sugure more than 1/2 kg
For Soaking Syrup:
Milk 1/2 liter
Sugar 1 cup
Rabri 250 gm

Directions To Cook:

For cooking Syrup:
1. in a water add sugar and dissolve it.
2. Boil it and let it simmer till it reaches the desire consistency.
3. Its consistency should not be too thick or thin. you can add more sugar or water as required
4. Add screwpine and soap nut water to the syrup.
5. When foam comes over the syrup, sprikle some water on it, repeat it while
cooking dumpling with hand to make it somooth , then make small balls of it.
Making Balls:
1. In a cu water boil 2 soap nuts.
2. Boil milk and add tatric acid.Let it simmer till it curdeles.
3. Take cotton cloth and pour whole milk into it.Drench the exess water. And immediately
pour tap water on the remaining cheese to cool it.
4. again press the cheese a bit to drench the water.
5. If more water is required to cool the cheese, you can repeate the procedure.
6. discard the axess water.
7. Donot leave the cheese for long else it will loose it softness required to
make dumplings.
8. Mash the cheese with hand to make it smooth,then make small balls of it.
9. While making balls, rolls the balls gently but for bit longer to remove the air from them
10.Add dumpling to the syrup and cook gently.
11.When dumplings are ready, they will appear on the top of the syrup
in 8 to 10 minutes.
For Soaking Syrup:
1. In a seprate pane boil milk and add sugar.
2. dissolve sugar Properly.
3. Add rabri to the sweetend milk, Mix well.
4. Pour the milk in a serving bowl.
5. When dumplings are ready, take them out in a bowl full of water.
6. Then press gently to remove the excess water and put
them in a serving bowl.(sweetened milk).
7. Leave on room temprature for 1 to 2 hours.
8. Garnish with almonds and Pistachio.
9 .Then Serve Chilled.
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