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star base defense online

star base defense online

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Game Description:
star base defense online:Defend your space station from waves of alien hordes in this online fast-paced science fiction battle game.
The aliens have begun a relentless attack on the earth’s last known space station. Each wave of extraterrestrial invaders is more difficult to repel than the last. You are alone on the distant rim of the galaxy, and success against the invasion is a matter of logic, cunning and strategy.
Protect your star base by building towers and placing them strategically around your space station. Combining state-of-the-art fantasy graphics and a futuristic techno soundtrack, this free online game provides hours of addictive and challenging fun. When you’re one thousand light-years from home, you never know what sort of life forms await. Defense is your primary weapon. Prepare for intergalactic battle.

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